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starry-eyed: a playlist for harry/louis during the x-factor

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a too-long playlist for harry and louis during the x-factor!!! it starts out a little pining-ish but degenerates into sickeningly sweet giggly hook-ups and oblivious feelings and a lot of falling in love ^__^

Part I.

1. at home | crystal fighters
"i never thought i'd see you again, i never though i'd get to be with my best friend."

2. the tension and the terror | straylight run
all the tension and the terror, thin-limbed gorgeous green eyes smiling
and i'm going straight to hell
all the possibility and promise just weighs on me so heavily
and i try but i'm not convincing
your lips they pout and twist, and i die trying just to keep myself from kissing you

3. bruises | chairlift
i tried to do handstands for you
every time i feel on you, yeah every time i fell
i tried to do handstands for you, but every time i fell for you
i'm permanently black and blue, permanently blue for you

4. trouble sleeping | the perishers
i'm having trouble sleeping
you're jumping in my bed, twisting in my head
i'm having trouble breathing

5. ache for you | ben lee
and it's alright if you're undecided or you're scared that you might like it
or if it's true; i ache for you
and i'm tired of so much wanting, and what if - don't even think it, but - why not?
there's no rhyme and there's no reason, you put a secret in the back of my skull
there's no logic so please believe me, my love's confusing but it never gets dull

6. maybe you can owe me | architecture in helsinki
the room where i'm staying, you can sleep on the floor
half way through the night can we talk and see?
because there's no way that i'll sleep when you're near me

7. heaven's on fire | the radio dept.
fighting to keep it together, but it's pointless
one look at you and my heaven's on fire

8. heartbeat | scouting for girls
i'm doing all i can do just to be close to you 
every time that we meet, i skip a heartbeat
always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the ass

every time that we meet, i skip a heartbeat

9. moth's wings | passion pit
you come beating like moth's wings
spastic and violently, whipping me into a storm
shaking me down to the core

10. starry-eyed | ellie goulding
so we burst into colours, colours and carosels
fall head first like paper planes in playground games
next thing: we're touching

you look at me, it's like you hit me with lightning

Part II.

11. closer | tegan and sara
all you think of lately is getting underneath me
all i dream of lately is how to get you underneath me
here comes the heat before we meet a little bit closer
here comes the spark before the dark, come a little closer

12. you're the only one | maria mena
well i saw you with your hands above your head
spinning around trying not to look down but you did and you fell hard on the groud
and you stumbled around for a good ten minutes
and i said i'd never seen anyone look so dumb before
and you laughed and said, "i still know how to turn you on though."

13. the first five times | stars
fifth time in your bedroom, when finally we rested
and you leaned upon your elbow and began to speak to me
but you stopped yourself and kissed me, and i grabbed your wrist and told you:

"i know, i know, i know, i feel the same as you."

14. can't help falling in love (daytrotter sessions) | ingrid michaelson
so won't you please take my hand, take my whole life too
'cause i can't help falling in love with you

15. be my honeypie | the weepies
be my honeypie, never say goodbye
if you don't love me, i will die
be my honeypie

you turn me on, keep me up till dawn

16. what i'm trying to say | stars
and the heat is turned all the way up, so don't pretend like you don't feel the pull
i am trying to say what i want to say without having to say:
i love you.

17. superhuman touch | athlete
i know you feel the same way, say say say you feel the same way
your fingertips are like a superhuman touch, can't get enough of this electric love
burning the sun with just a wave of your hand

sparks flying out in every direction, there's more of this to come;
i think it might be heaven.

17. young dumb and in love | mat kearny
with your gypsy necklace and my big brown bow tie
you kissed my lips like i was catching a flight
i said, "if i'm honest, i fell for you that first night."

18. teenage dream (cover) | boyce avenue
i finally found you, my missing puzzle piece, i'm complete
let's just talk all through the night, there's no need to rush
let's just dance until we die, you and i will be young forever
you make me feel like i'm living a teenage dream
the way you turn me on, i can't sleep

let's run away and don't ever look back

20. safe and sound | capital cities
i could lift you up
i could show you what you want to see and
 take you where you want to be 
you could be my luck, even in a hurricane of frowns
i know that we'll be safe and sound

21. youngblood | the naked and famous
we lie beneath the stars at night
our hands gripping each other tight

you keep my secrets, hope to die
promises, swear them to the sky

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