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repeated, repeated | an OT5 fanmix


        So this is a sickenly upbeat OT5 mix that I cobbled together while on self-imposed exile from the internet in order to get some real world work done. Funny how that works. Basically it's about how they're so young and this is amazing and so much and superstardom is INSANE but they'll always be fine because in the end they're all in love and they'll have each other, no matter what? Ok good.

black water by apparat
we will be ephemeral
we will be ephemeral

we are young by ennui
i can do anything i want
we are young, we are young, we are young

you! me! dancing! by los campesinos!
taking props from these boyband fashions
all crop tops and testosterone passion
if there's one thing that i could never confess,
it's that i can't dance a single step.

camera talk by local natives
it's alright, the camera's talking
oh and even though i can't be sure
memory tells me that these times are worth working for

dreams (the cranberries cover) by passion pit
all my life is changing every day
in every possible way
and oh my dreams
it's never quite as it seems
cause you're a dream to me

new innocent tyro allegory by havergal
you're the wildest sail in the wind
you have heart fulls of heart
believe in the art of just giving until you can't give
i've swallowed that note back deep in my throat
a round ringing key balled up in my belly
and when i am cut from navel to neck
i will lie still until i hear that note
repeated, repeated

teen angst by m83
how fast we burn
how fast we cry
the sooner we learn
the sooner we die
i am so glad we're crying

so here we are by bloc party
i made a vow to carry you home

stranger things by local natives
we'll start from where we last left off
the lines that we'll draw begin and don't stop
the corners approach, we'll take the best turns 
the bends have brought talk of what we have learned
enjoy the chance of frozen new grounds
everything's odd with beautiful sounds
i've learned to smile without a bearing

all i need by awolnation
all i need is you smiling
all i need, all i need
all i need is life, love with you

young blood (slow version) by the naked and the famous
we lie beneath the stars at night
our hands gripping each other tight
you keep my secrets, hope to die
promises, swear them to the sky
the bittersweet between my teeth
trying to find the in between
fall back in love eventually
as it withers, brittle it shakes
can you whisper, can you whisper, can you whisper

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