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silent signs | a stylinson fanmix

Part I

1. the tension and the terror | straylight run
all the tension and the terror, thin-limbed gorgeous green eyes smiling
and i'm going straight to hell
all the possibility and promise just weighs on me so heavily
and i try but i'm not convincing
your lips they pout and twist, and i die trying just to keep myself from kissing you

2. you already know | bombay bicycle club
looking out the glass, always sit together
we both know we could be someone better but not with out heads like london weather
said love was painted gold
but like all things growing old, the paint peels and slowly falls: you already know

3. self-preservation | the lucksmiths
getting this happy takes practice
the world would be duller without us
blacklist anyone who tries to attack this
they can say what they like but the fact is, they know nothing about us

4. night drive | gotye
i don't know just where we're going and i don't care where we've been
we just coast on through, cause while i'm here with you
you know there's no place i'd rather be
such a quiet joy, knowing that i'm your pick-up fix and you're my favourite boy

5. this sweet love | james yuill
be the greatest man that you can be, just be
walk out on the beach with me, walk out in the sea with me, just be
all of the time you show me your love, sweet love
and oh, how you know this sweet love

6. my favourite book | stars
cause i never knew a home until i found your hands
and when i'm weathered, you come to me, you're my best friend
and that is why we'll always make it
how I know your face, all the ways you move
you come in, i can read you, you're my favourite book
all the things you say, the way you shift your eyes
i never knew there was someone to make me come alive

7. sunday | bloc party
i love you in the morning when you're stlll hungover
when i'm with you i am calm, a pearl in your oyster
head on my chest, a silent smile, a private kind of happiness
you see giant proclamations are all very well, but our love is louder than words

8. clouds | the long winters
the ground is so proud just to hold us up
we're a kiss away from being dangerous
kiss me and show me that it's true

Part II

9. blue eyes | cary brothers
i can help you to stand, saved it up for this dance
tell me all the things you can
i just want to sing a song with you, i just want to be the one that's true
cause blue eyes, you're the secret i keep
all the lights on and you are alive, but you can't point the way to your hear

10. fair | remy zero
when you'd hide your songs would die, so i'd hide yours with mine
and all my words were bound to fail
i know you won't fail
see, i can tell

11. oviedo | blind pilot
i didn't know i'm not in control, i didn't know i'm not invincible
and maybe some things are better left unsaid
if you wanted to test that out, well i guess i couldn't say
but there were nights in bars that i recall, your breath was courage laced with alcohol
you leaned in, you said, "make music with the chatter in here and whisper all the notes in my ear."

12. your smile's a drug | patrick park
your smile is a drug that i can't afford anymore
cause you're a tongue-tied talker with sleepy eyes that always gets the last word
you're not broken, you're just tired and it shows
when you're done acting tough, you only take two and a quarter to get fucked up
and when you say you're in love, you just sound like you're giving up
to say i'll be alright would be a risky bet cause i'm about as good as i'm gonna get
these chains are tight, and the courage that i showed left a long time ago, just so you know

13. silent signs | deyarmond edison
desire direction
and once a little vital laugh sings introspection, redefined
buried in brotherhood
my body's built much braver cause i once befriended you 

14. broken | s. carey
i will always be there
rest your weary head, dismiss your doubt
i will always be there, and this won't get broken

15. a dream for us | the appleseed cast
cause what i feel inside, i don't want to hide
it's you that got to me, it's what i want to sing
cause i've got a dream for us

16. the weight of us | sanders bohike
your secrets are mine to keep, protected by silent sleep
i'm not ready, i'm not ready
for the weight of us, for the weight of us, for the weight of us
the time has come
let us be brave

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